Friday, October 25, 2013

So, we have a little one coming.

  How long it has been since I posted!!!  My dear husband (DH) posted about having two positive home pregnancy tests, (hpt). I have avoided posts. Partly due to some superstitious fear that to post it here will end in some sort of tragedy. Unfounded? Yes. Ungodly? Yes. Easily shakeable? Nope. If everything keeps rocking on, we will have a beautiful little boy in about 12 weeks. I am doing better with the anxiety, at times even believing that this little guy will get to come home to our arms. There are still moments that I can't quite comprehend it. I feel him move and wonder, will I really get to meet you? Will I get to see your smile? Will I get to put your picture up next to your Dad's and see how much you look like him? Pregnancy after a loss has been trying at times, made me feel very lonely and frustrated at other times.

We are anxiously awaiting this little person, with hopes and prayers that he will be the healthy, happy little boy we have prayed for for so long!!

                                                                          - Her -

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