Thursday, June 21, 2012

TIps for Laparoscopy

1. Get a small snack and a drink of water at eleven if you are to have nothing by mouth after midnight.
2. Arrive to the hospital or surgery center 15 minutes earlier than they tell you too. This gives you time to deal with missing forms or parking issues without feeling rushed and stressed.
3. Wear loose comfortable clothing that will not aggravate the incision sites. Wear slip on shoes or have some one with you that will put your shoes on you and tie them for you.
4. Do not urinate when you arrive until given a specimen cup. They will want a urine pregnancy test. (I know that is why some of us are having the procedure but they have to make sure anyway.)
5. Be prepared to get an IV, they will start one, they will not be able to do after sedation, this is how you get sedated.
6. Set up a phone chain or agree to a face book post. This will minimize the work load on the person caring for you. It is hard to take care of someone when you are on the phone with loved ones and friends all day.
7. Take Colace day one and continue for a week or so. Your stomach will not be normal and constipation after surgery is miserable!
8. Eat when you feel like it. Don't eat too much. Small amounts of lean proteins and veggies are a good choice.
9. Walk around as much as you can without overdoing it. Being as active as possible is very important to prevent blood clot and constipation as well as other problems.
10. Ask for help. If you can't reach it, don't jump for it! Don't lean against the sink to wash a dish either. It hurts.
11. Sleep when you need to. It's ok. Your body needs the rest.
12. Make sure that you have plenty of soft clothes clean and ready for the week. Cotton dresses worked well for me. You don't want anything that will irritate your incision sites.
13. Take showers and blot dry, baths aren't allowed and rubbing will irritate the incisions.
14. Have someone stay with you the first two days at least most of the day. You may be wobbly due to meds and it helps to have someone there.

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